Andycine Cage

  • Andycine VK-1 is the best budget universal vlogging kit for new YouTubers. It includes a sturdy mini gimbal tripod to keep the phone steady while shooting, an M1 microphone to improve audio quality, an R2 Micro RGB LED light to enhance lighting, and a PC1 phone holder to attach the microphone. This suite provides new vloggers with all the necessary tools to create professional-looking content on a budget. Thanks to @edgardb for showing us how to use the different components of the kit to create a high quality vlog and giving us tips on how to get the best results. Whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade your vlogging setup, this kit is perfect for anyone looking to create high-quality content without breaking the bank. Link:
  • This cage compliments my Andycine A6 4k monitor perfectly. It's lightweight, it comes assembled all you have to do is put the monitor in place then screw it in at the top and you are good. It does not add a lot of weight to your rig if you are running and gunning. There are openings so that you can read every port and slot on your monitor from the card reader to the power button so you will not lose any access points. There are also a lot of screw holes around the entire cage so that you can add extension arms and other gadgets so you can really get creative with your add ons. I really like that! Another thoughtful feature is the HDMI cable clamp that is an add-on so you can use it or not use it but it keeps your HDMI cables clamped in so you won't have to worry about them falling out during recording. I think this is a great feature. I love this cage and so far have no complaints. I will purchase another one for my other monitor.
  • I ordered this cage for use with the Andycine A6PLUS, and was impressed with the build quality and fit. I was a bit surprised to see little to nothing in the way of operating instructions, but if you've worked with cages for video equipment before, it shouldn't be too much trouble to figure out. The weight is just about what I expected, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
  • The Andycine cage and sunhood was just what my A6PLUS needed. Everything installed perfectly, functions well, and looks good.
  • Very nice cage for the atomos ninja V, solid build quality, and tons of ways to add accessories, but the best thing is the secure HDMI and the sunhood, are great addition for the price, plus your are also protecting your Atomos.
  • I was hesitant to buy a cage for my Ninja V simply because I didn't want the added weight, but the price was right for this one so I gave it a short. It's very light and the fit, although not perfect (the curves in the corners are tighter than the Ninja) is very very close to perfect and more than good enough. It seems sturdy and doesn't block anything while adding a ton of mounting options, nato rails on top and bottom are very handy. It doesn't offer a ton of extra protection to the screen but seems like it would save a drop if the monitor landed on an edge which seems to be the entire point. The HDMI clamp is not pictured on the Ninja V in the listing...but it will fit and function properly on a Ninja, it just needs to be mounted backwards with the M3 screws TOWARDS the screen. This doesn't cause any issues since the wing nuts are adjustable and easy to get away from the screen and the HDMI clamp mounts on the cage in either direction. The HDMI clamp also sticks out a hair further on the back of the cage which adds more support for SSD drives. Overall it's well worth the $70